[solved] "NodeBB Vanilla" theme derps when going to a categoy and back to Home

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    I'm stupid. It was a cache issue.

    I've recently installed nodebb. I find the nodebb vanilla theme to be looking pretty good:


    But then, whenever I go to some category and back again, I'm met with this mess:


    Reloading the page fixes it.

    This happens both when running behind an apache2 proxy and when running behind an nginx proxy. However, it doesn't seem to happen when accessing it directly instead of through a proxy. It also doesn't seem to happen when running nodebb with ./nodebb dev instead of ./nodebb start, even when running behind an apache or nginx proxy. The ./nodebb dev output is also clean.

    Does anyone have any clue what may be going on?

  • Weird, that fixed it. I assumed that since the URL was exactly the same whether I ran it with ./nodebb start or ./nodebb dev, it couldn't be related to cache. I suppose I just don't know enough about how caches work.

    Thanks anyways 😛

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