• Hey there!

    After the issues I recently had with my NodeBB install I decided to do a clean reinstall (used my old database) of NodeBB and it now works flawlessly again, except one thing: None of my uers seem to get notifications any more.

    No matter if they're mentioned in a post or a new answer in a post they subscribed to has been posted. Any ideas?

    ~ Netto

  • @Technowix Yes, I did.

  • @Technowix Nope, 0.5.x branch.

  • Alrighty, solved it myself. Deleted the "notifications" branch in the Redis database. Now it works fine again.

  • I used the tool redis-commander to accomplish that.

    npm install -g redis-commander
    redis-commander --redis-port 6379 --redis-host --redis-password YOUR_PASSWORD --redis-db 0

    Then navigate to http://your_domain_or_ip.com:8081 and do what you need to do. You can also use redis-cli but if you're unfamiliar with Redis, like me, this is the way to go. Just don't delete anything right away. Make a backup first.

    cp /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb.backup

    Further information about redis-commander: https://github.com/joeferner/redis-commander

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