Renaming certain routes.

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  • So, hypothetically speaking, how easy would it be for me to change the route of say /tags/ to something else without affecting the whole pulling of NodeBB files? I would also want to rename any other mention of that tag throughout the language files too. For example:

    There are no topics with this tag. would become There are no topics in this range. (But only for English), I don't speak any other languages. 😆

  • Okay so the language part is easy, just go into public/language/en_GB/ and change all instances of tags to range.

    Here is where you can redirect routes to point elsewhere, client side. So "^tags/.*": "tag", change that to range. This is the tags/foo route, you'd want to add another entry to change the main "^tags*" route to range as well

    (Keep in mind if you don't want to change this in core you can change the route config via a plugin, and/or overwrite the entire file in a theme.)

    In your theme you have to rename tags.tpl and tag.tpl to range.

    In core (or via a plugin, see custom homepage for an example) you rename these routes to range.

    Seems like a bit of a pain in the ass right now to do manually but I'm hoping to do all of the above in an ACP interface as per this issue not just for home but any route.

  • @psychobunny

    May I know where I can get a general picture for the ACP overhaul? And I really appreciate if there is a timeline for the release.

    I really like if the above feature for customize route will be included in the ACP overhaul. Then I guess we will be able to edit the route for each category through manage->categories, if I am getting it correctly?

    Just cannot wait to see the next release and thanks for so many wonderful works you all have done so far. It is fantastic!

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