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    I have an old forum website that is still running on phpBB. phpBB doesn't really seem to be evolving, 3.1 is coming out and seems like the same old stuff with no innovation. nodeBB looks real interesting, especially since I am a big Node.JS fan. But before i invest a bunch of work in learning this platform, I wanted to ask:

    1. How easy is it to migrate from phpBB? The biggest concern I have is in preserving links so I don't kill the SEO URL mappings. I use the SEO mod for phpBB.

    2. Is there support for BB codes so users can embed images from other sites or display youtube videos? I can't seem to find any functionality to do this on this forum.

    3. I didn't see anything on this forum to allow me to login with Twitter or Facebook. Is there token-based SSO support here?

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    @worldsight Good evening.

    1. Very, there's a plugin that connects to your old database and converts everything into a format that NodeBB can read. You can find more info about that here. I believe the import plugin also automates any redirects. So you won't lose any SEO page ranking.

    2. No, because BBcode BBblows, the importer strips out the BBcode, to embed on NodeBB, most plugin developers just require the link, so pasting a link to a youtube video (the usual URL) would embed it, or pasting the link to a .jpg or a .gif image would embed it. There's a small issue with Markdown at the minute which means this doesn't work quite as expected, but will be fixed soon. (I make the lazy load youtube plugin, it's a bit broken at the minute, but I'm working on it)

    3. You probably just missed it when you registered, you can create SSO plugins for anything that has an SSO endpoint. To date the following SSO plugins are available off the top of my head. Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, Soundcloud, Google+. I'm sure there's more though.


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    That sounds promising.

    Thanks for your help. I will have to play around with the platform a bit. The last question is with deployment. I assume Node.JS gets front-ended by Nginx. Is that right?

    I am not attached to BBCodes and would be glad to leave them to an era bygone. But when I post the links here, they don't embed any pictures or youtube video.


    Hmmm, so much for that.

    Let's try Youtube:

    Well, neither seem to embed anything, so it seems one still needs BBcodes. Or else this should work like Facebook where it embeds automatically.

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    There's a small issue with Markdown at the minute which means this doesn't work quite as expected, but will be fixed soon.

    When the issue is resolved, both of what you entered there will be embedded automatically. Edit: sorry, just the YouTube video, this forum doesn't use the img bed plugin. To embed a picture here you'd use markdown which is ![alt tag](imageurl)

    You can use either Apache or nginx to reverse proxy port 80 to the port that nodebb uses. There's documentation on both. 👍

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    What version of PHPbb are you on? Have you had any luck? I have no trouble getting it installed and running, but I can't get the importer (exporter?) to complete. Should probably start a new thread, but this one is here, so I thought I'd ask if you were able to get it going.

    *I did eventually get the importer to complete. I needed about 6GB of ram to import a 500MB db without out of memory errors. Look and feel is great. Very modern when compared to many PHP solutions. I don't know that it's an acceptable replacement for phpBB at this time if you use a lot of group based permissions. I have 6000 members, and 140k posts over 14k topics. Access to specific forums and features are restricted to certain contribution levels in a tiered structure. I can't as of yet find a way to implement this functionality into nodebb, although I am having a great time playing around with it.

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    @jcook Did you come from phpBB2 or phpBB3?

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