dashboard acp very high cpu

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  • It seems that the dashboard acp causes high cpu and slows everything down. Unable to switch between browser tab. If I close the tab that has nodebb, everything works again and no problem switching between browser tabs.

    Here's the before and after graph:

  • @julian mentioned this problem on github https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/issues/2202 but he fixed it. Are you running the latest version of 0.5.2 ?

  • @Alex cool thanks! When I look at the version under acp it is showing 0.5.1 - showing it is the latest and doesn't show there is a newer version. Is 0.5.2 consider for production or still under testing? Maybe that's why it's not showing up in ACP? Just taking guesses as I'm still very new to nodebb.

  • I'm new to nodebb too and i'm still learning. I guess the version 0.5.1 should be used for production as it's flagged as stable but the version 0.5.2-dev from the master branch correct some bugs present in 0.5.1.

    For my part I just use the version 0.5.2-dev currently because the bug which cause a crash after a restart from the acp and get stuck has been fixed in this version.

  • @Alex Sorry to bother you with this. Have been trying for the past hour following steps and different commands but wasn't able to get to 0.5.2 - what are the steps?

    I stopped nodebb, then git fetch and checkout following the guide here:

    - even tried other steps I found in another topic. The ease of wordpress spoiled me.

  • Don't worry you don't bother me @peter. You simply need to execute those commands:

    ./nodebb stop
    git fetch
    git checkout master
    git merge origin/master
    ./nodebb upgrade
    ./nodebb start
  • @Alex Appreciate you taking the time to help. I ran into more problems and have decided to just start over. Hopefully I get better results. I'm guessing it's because nodebb haven't reached the 1.0 release milestone.

  • What's your PC specs like? We are updating all of those graphs almost in realtime so I wouldn't be surprised if you had a slower computer you would run into issues. The aforementioned issue fixed on GH applies only to multiple tabs open (so if it's not focused, the graphs won't update)

    I am considering a throttling system where if the graph doesn't finish updating before the next batch of data comes in it will adjust the update interval accordingly, but don't expect that until late 0.5x 🙂

  • @peter it's normal, we are here to help each other ;). @baris I don't have this problem anymore with the version 0.5.2, but for my part I've got an i7 2,6ghz, 8gb of ram.

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