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  • I was wondering if anyone had any advice for using nodebb as a discussion platform for a makerspace. I am helping to start a local makerspace (in Kamloops, BC, Canada) and I just setup an instance of nodebb for us to experiment with over the next few weeks. Are there any themes or plugins that people would recommend I look at next?

    We are thinking of running our blog and discussion board using nodebb. But I am starting to think this software has a lot of potentials. For example, I want to setup a tools page on our site, where people can request tools or vote up existing tools on the list. Can I achieve additional functionality like that via a plugin?

    sorry for noob questions, I am just very excited 🙂

  • @arasbm I wouldn't say their was any specific plugins for a makerspace, just a community page would be sufficient. You can create a feedback/suggestions topic, then feedback can be upvoted and sorted by the most upvotes, if you want to use Ghost or Wordpress for your blog, then nodebb-plugin-blog-comments is worth a look.

    If there's a specific plugin you can't see or need, then you can make a request for it here and someone may like the idea and build it, or send the devs an email and they'll build it for you for a small fee.

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