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  • Well, I've been so tempted to post about this earlier this week but we've been having a fun time trying to scale these guys and get this bad boy up and running. Today we've survived the worst expected concurrent users (~1k users concurrent) so I feel like it's a bit safe to post about it now 😉

    If you check out their /recent, there's literally a post every few seconds even in the early hours of the morning, and even at those times they hover around 200 concurrent.

    We've learnt a ton about scaling NodeBB in this past week, and we will be sharing what we learnt in a blog post in a week or two. Really exciting stuff 🙂

  • Jebediah Springfield on a bike. You should change the "less than a minute" to actual seconds for the first minute. 😆

    There seems to be an issue with the Hashpoints nav up top. Just says Loading.

    Are you guys hosting this one?

    EDIT: Not the 504s... 😢 I was just trying to steal the CSS for the tags. 😆

  • Haha yeah we're hosting this one. Which is why we've all been a little quiet over here past few days while we ensured nothing exploded

    EDIT: I think that CSS for tags exist in [email protected] lol, we aren't doing any custom theming

  • @psychobunny Ah, I just did it with a bit of CSS.


    They're a bit off on top. 😆 Will fix them properly at some point, or just use 0.5.1 when I've had my bravery gravy. 😄

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