How to change size of image in post content but not via css?

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    Is there some way that script can generate more image sizes? It would be useful in case that user upload an image that is very big. So take this for example . I changed this universe image size to fit into that div with css and it looks good. The actual image is very big, the size of it is 4.20mb. That is a lot if we consider that I don't need it to be displayed in full size. What can I do about this?

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    @Jelena If it's being uploaded locally, go to your ACP>Post settings, change Maximum File Size down to something more manageable. If it's being hosted externally on somewhere like imgur. You could edit the post after running the image through a site like, then reuploading to imgur.

    Alternatively, something like to resize the image and resave it. Choice is yours.

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    @a_5mith tnx for replay smith. What we need is to have option for users to upload big images like 5mb, but we wanna display it in category listing as a smaller image, not whole 3000px image. So is there anyway we can get two images when users uploading it ? One with original size, and another which will be resized and showed under listing as many posts on same page.

    And yes, it's being uploaded and hosted on our server.

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