NodeBB/nodebb-english has .py file in it.

NodeBB Development
  • So one of the big reasons to use NodeBB is that you can use JavaScript as your only programming language, both on the server and on the client. NodeBB is also free and open source. A part of that is so that others, if they wanted to, could fork your project. But now there seams to be programming language creep. For NodeBB to be truly open source in spirit, then the documentation needs to be open source as well. And for it to be the go to BB framework for JavaScript then shouldn't the documentation only require JavaScript as well. For a developer to fork your project (or to just fully understand NodeBB's software stack) they would now need to learn python. Is there any better solution for NodeBB's documentation?

  • Hey there, we're using to publish our documentation.

    You don't really need any programming experience to contribute to the docs, let alone understand it. We are currently having it translated to Estonian, French, and Chinese by people who I don't think know Python, in any case you don't need to.

    Lastly the documentation itself is no longer in the core repository anyways - and just to clarify - it's open source as well, I just forgot to add a license to the repo

  • Thanks for the info, I will have to checkout when I have some free time. I am glad that the docs are getting translated, that is great for the future of NodeBB.

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