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    @baris just thinking about this, and perhaps it's a good idea to let users know when they've achieved a new level with either a notification message, or something else.

    Gamification is an important aspect of how forums work with reputation levels being a form of kudos for participants and some form of acknowledgement when a member reaches a specific level is nice to have rather than just silently taking place.

    It's mostly for acknowledgement of achievement.

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    @fevzikorkutata I don't understand what you're saying.

    That fix is in 1.17.0 so you shouldn't have run into that issue if you went straight from 1.0.3 to 1.17.0 as I recommended.

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    i also added this code to load default preferences (inside the "success" function when creating a new user)

    User.setSetting(uid, 'dailyDigestFreq', 'week', null); User.setSetting(uid, 'notificationSounds', 1, null); User.setSetting(uid, 'followTopicsOnCreate', 1, null); User.setSetting(uid, 'followTopicsOnReply', 1, null); User.setSetting(uid, 'sendChatNotifications', 1, null);
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    I was expecting an anti-bot plugin from the title

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    @PitaJ said in [nodebb-plugin-import] Import your forum to NBB:


    Thanks for the reply.

    Permssions error of doom on mkdir... as per previous type errors. It kind of doesn't matter for this install as it's only being used to test the importability of a discourse database.

    Yes I run ./nodebb build after any installs via cmd line.

    However I stepped away for a couple of hours from this, read you reply then logged in to ACP and BOOM I can see the IMPORT in plugins menu and ancillary screens!

    Good tip /admin/plugins/import by the way! Kind of handy for future reference.

    I appreciate your patience, questions and insight always 👍