cannot login to new installation

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  • New here :3

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    @pitaj Nooo... but it's ok

    New translation will not be difficult because I have experience translating English and Japanese into Korean.

    However, there are translations that use different words with the same meaning or words that are not currently used well, so it will take some time to fix that part.

    I'll do untranslated part first and fix them later.

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    @julian Originally here, thanks😆

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    Been away from nodeBB for a bit - the last project I was working with it for went another way. Have something new in the works but I'm still trying to find some integrations.

    I've been asked to see if anyone's had any success with a cart integration. Something where the forums and the cart SSO and are "thematicly" seemles without having to spend a lot of jiggerypoking keeping themes in sync.

    I expect this is a no, but. 🙂

    For that matter, anyone just have the SSO part down?


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    I would advise using Nginx infront of it.
    You can google NodeBB Nginx Config and you'll have one you can copy/paste.

    Nginx will then be on port 80 and you can close 4567 on your FW.

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    You are the man that did it.
    And thank you for the github refresher I will make sure to make notations for future updates..