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    I have a brand new installation for nodebb. After I have run ./nodebb setup and I have configured everything in there I try to log in to the admin account created but it does not work. It does spin for some time and then it just stay there.

    Could some of you please help me to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Are you using any proxy or cdn like CloudFlare?
    btw,try refresh yourforumslink/login

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    You've started nodebb with ./nodebb start, right? What's spinning? Got a screenshot or a link where we can test? You can use the chat if you want to keep it private.

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    it is a fresh installation to a VPS of ours. next to the register/login was a small circle spinning then it stopped but it had never actually logged in. This happened with redis database. I have changed the database from redis to mongodb and now it works as it should. And I used pm2 to manage the nodeBB as we have other node.js based apps as well.

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    That circle next to login / register means that connection to nodebb has been lost, sometimes because of a restart, sometimes because of a crash, either ./nodebb logs or running nodebb in developer mode.

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