Can't get Emailer (Local) working with Exchange SMTP server

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  • Hi all, I am testing nodeBB out for use in my IT support dept. It's looking very good so far.

    The one stumbling block I've had is getting email notifications to work. I installed the Emailer (local) plugin and configured it to use my local SMTP server (i.e. SMTP01.DOMAIN.ORG) and I do not see any emails when registering as "test" users. Are there any configuration file settings I need to change in nodeBB besides the Host, Port, User, Password from the Emailer (Local) plugin settings from the Admin area? In nodeBB, where can I see the logs of what's happening in regards to the emails?

    I have other web apps running locally that use the same SMTP server so I know the email server is working :).

    Thanks for any help!


  • Having the same issue .. the
    Meta.config['emailer:localhost:port] is coming as undefined .. any advices ?

  • @optimus ACP > Advanced > Logs. Should get a message about sending email X to uid Y. E.G test email to uid 1 etc.

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