Few bugs.

General Discussion
  • Having a pretty poor evening with my migration. Nothing to do with NodeBB really, I migrated my domain name over and forgot that that would remove my email accounts. D'oh.

    Guest posting enabled on a board gives you two Reply buttons.
    Clicking on the checkbox to the left of a guest post to delete it took about 8 refreshes.
    Then the big one in the other topic I made, unless I'm missing it.
    Mentions from guests appear as global:guest mentioned you in %2 after the category has been purged. Not so much a bug though. As I don't believe mentions check they're still relevant.

    Will report back if I see any more.

    Ok, I'm getting an intermittent restart happening as well. It's more or less random, no errors in the logs apart from one about spam-be-gone maybe not being compatible. Have made an issue about that on the githubs.

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