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    So I have a dilemma. I want to use NodeBB for a project but this project also requires a shopping cart and a blog to be attached to the domain. So with that in mind I am wondering if anyone else has done something similar or has any suggestions. The blog isn't going to be a problem with the ghost plug in.

    I can't seem to find a good shopping cart eCommerce solution that runs on a node server. So I think that I would need to run Apache as well listening on a different port. Then have the shop on an addon domain. Like:

    Any suggestions or comments would be most appreciated.

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    How big is the store? You could easily install a store, a blog and nodebb on one server. However the installation process would be a little more advanced than just upping the files and going to site/install.php, you would need to install the php modules and any other service that was needed by that software before installing your software, you would also, as you've said, need to route each connection to the correct place, Digital Ocean (link in my signature) has some great guides for installing popular software (except NodeBB, but I'm working on that). I've had Magento running on Digital Oceans droplets before and it works fine (however it is a bit resource intensive, so I'd recommend the $10 package if that's the platform you were thinking of.)

    I don't want to go into each ecommerce platforms and their pros and cons until I know what sort of thing you're wanting but I've helped no end of ecommerce companies achieve what they're after. One thing I'll note though is, nodebb and ghost are so lightweight, that you'll rarely notice them compared to an ecommerce platform. 😆 Feel free to message me via chat if you don't fancy giving away your trade secrets on a public forum. 👍

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    Great info thank you. I have been playing with AWS which has turned out to be somewhat of a headache. I'll give Digital Ocean a gander.

    The store for this will probably have around couple hundred items.

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    You'll be fine on a small-mid digital ocean package with that. Have a look at digital oceans help guides as well, as they will guide you through most steps if needed. Once you've decided on an ecommerce platform. You may even find a hosted option through a company like shopify would be an option if you don't want the headache of self hosted and making themes etc. Let me know how you get on. 👍

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    @Ninja-Scott If you want to go NodeJS the whole way, just have a look at Reaction for an online store/shopping cart.

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    @igbuend Thank you for the suggestion. I did look into Reaction but it is still in development and doesn't seem to have the flow or the ability to organize large number of products in a good way.

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