How to export files uploaded when they are not stored locally?

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  • A new question concerning the development of my Backblaze B2 storage plugin:

    I kind of have it working now, where files are uploaded and filenames returned properly, though it's lacking the sophisticated ways of setting host, bucket and credentials as the old s3 plugins (I'm still struggling figuring out what the hooks and functions are available to a plugin developer, since the documentation doesn't seem to be very updated and detailed).

    I noticed there is this button to export personal data, including uploaded files. How should I possibly integrate this functionality into my plugin?


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    Hey guys? im newbie on node so i want to make a custom file uploader button to upload for example ".pdf" extensions at the main page not into replies/topics. you guys know if there are any guide o plugin than i take as guide?, second question is if i able to do this just with the nodebb core or its not possible and i need to use dependencies? Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Suppose there are two files.

    library.js in the /nodebb-plugin-namePlugin
    file.js in /nodebb-plugin-namePlugin/static/lib

    Now I must do a lot of operation in my library.js and I must check when user is created. So I use the hook and It's everything ok, but, after I must my check in library I need to send a message to my file.js to change background color of a component. The proble is that I used this to communicate:

    websockets = module.parent.require('./'), //library.js'uid_' + data.uid).emit('hash', { 'username': }); //file.js socket.on('hash',function(){ console.log("DOG); });

    The problem is that I don't have data.uid value because I'm checking before that an user can registrate himself. Anyone can help me to use websocket without uid or can suggest me other methods?

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    @julian said in Recent cards localization:

    @yariplus It's just the one string, isn't it?

    Well, yes, and a few strings in the acp page. I just don't want to encourage the habit of manually editing strings in the template. 😉

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    I did a try and i liked it 🙂

    It would be awesome if you could choose what category works that way and what category works on the standard forum way 🙂

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    How to use action:auth.overrideLogin hook? what arguments are needed (or at least where to find such information)?
    Assume we have function magic() which performs authentication. How would the rest of code look like? How to obtain credentials?

    Any help highly appreciated 🙂