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    @esha said in Need help with few community features:

    Export Data

    I tested the forum with postgresql and mongodb and settled on postgresql
    Using padmin 4, you can remotely connect to the database and make backups manually or on a schedule.

  • port fowarding help

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    @pitaj hmm ok. I wasn't sure if Minecraft Bedrock supported using SRV records (Java edition DOES), but my server is on Bedrock. I will try to look into it.

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    You know (one of) the main difference(s) between TCP and UDP, don't you?

    TCP is connection-oriented, UDP isn't. So there is no UDP core-functionality to check whether the receiver is alive (/has the port opened).

    You'd either need to create server-side code or know the server-behavior (e.g. responses to specific datagrams) to achieve an UDP port-scanner.

    If you're able to write server-side code the best is to ask for UDP port status via TCP since it has reliable data-transfer implemented.

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    Yeah, I am at a loss at this point. When you run the repolist command I am not seeing it show the EPEL repository, yet when you try to install it it says you already have it.

    This isn't really a NodeBB problem though, so we can't really blame the NodeBB script for it. It's almost like Yum itself is messed up. You might be able to get extra help from the CentOS community though, or if someone else here is more of a CentOS expert?

  • Help tab on composer

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    The downside of the help tab, of course, is that you don't get language translations in this

    Yeah we need to look into translation hooks for plugins. Something post-0.4x but open to any smart person who can think of a decent enough system :shipit: