[nodebb-plugin-mixcloud] MixCloud Embedding

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  • On a roll. 👍

    MixCloud_Embedding_35hz_-_2014-05-31_15.33.09.png MixCloud_Embedding_35hz_-_2014-05-31_15.33.19.png

    npm install nodebb-plugin-mixcloud

    Paste the URL to the mixcloud track you wish to embed.

    Mixcloud allow for various types of widget, I have gone with the dark, a light is available. But it didn't suit my purpose, feel free to fork my plugin and change the iFrame Code to match what you want. 👍

  • You're inspired today, 2 new plugins, good job will install this on my site right away.

  • Just did a quick count, we're at 92 plugins. Won't be long before we hit 100 😄

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