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    @pitaj Yes it does sound like the same issue, I did notice that even after I deleted all the users, if I tried to register a new user with a new email that I know was not present previously the new user ID is sequential so that tells me that even though I deleted all the users, there is still some data existing somewhere in the database that was preventing registrations using any previously known email.

    As I said, I just gave up and deleted the database and started fresh, took me much longer to reconfigure everything, but was the only option I had since I couldn't get any user registrations to work.

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    Hi everyone,
    In the acp, I am able to view the visitors and pageviews according to the time period, via the graph on the dashboard.

    However, I am not able to see such a breakdown for user signups, topics, and posts.
    Can someone please point me in the right direction, to get this information?

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    Best way would be to write a plugin that listens for the hook action:user.create. This hook receives the userData and is fired whenever a new user is created.

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    Two things:

    If you want it to count, it has to be visible. So no hiding the user list with a display: none; or behind a javascript tooltip (since that won't get called at all). If you show it for non-js, and hide it with js, chances are Google might detect and penalise, so even worse 😛 Would this introduce too much clutter to the UI?
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    @julian you are correct. Once again thank you for all the help on the IRC. I just got my forward set up. Getting everything geared up to announce to my community of followers that we are ready for registration.