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    Hide links to guest for NodeBB. Latest version: 1.0.4, last published: a year ago. Start using nodebb-plugin-hide-links-to-guests in your project by running `npm i nodebb-plugin-hide-links-to-guests`. There are no other projects in the npm registry using nodebb-plugin-hide-links-to-guests.


    npm (

    enjoy 🙂

  • Trust/Trade reputation

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    The hard thing would be to check if a trade really happened, because otherwise someone can have fake feedbacks.
    Are you using a plugin for trading?

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    As I was searching for the right plugin, I found one that could be of good use. The only problem is, it hasn't been updated in almost a year. Is there any chance of an update for this plugin? @baris

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    Editing the post is open to the OP so moderator messages could be faked or changed. Moderator comments would be a fairly good way to put it perhaps, but they would be surfaced as part of the OP not further down the reply thread.

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    In case anyone decides to work on that topic: I would really love to see a light version of the Teamspeak widget, that is, without detailed information on clients.
    The reason is that I have to deal with a very restrictive rented Teamspeak server where ServerQueries are limited to 10 per 3 seconds (no possibilty to add domains to the whitelist).
    Two requests, one for clientlist and one for channellist, would be enough to create a basic viewer layout.
    Also, caching the requests so that multiple concurrent page views don't trigger a server flood alert would be great.

    I had a look at the widget from @pitaj, but unfortunately my programming skills are rather low😢.