Plugin nodebb-plugin-email-whitelist not working on 2.2.5

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    New to nodeBB, was curious if there were any existing plugins that had functionality similar to the Donut App for Slack? In short it essentially is an app that randomly pairs people either within a specified channel (would be groups for NodeBB) or across multiple channels. I think this would be a cool way to go about building connections within a distributed online community.

    Tried to search through the plugins on npm list but didn't see much in that regard.

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    Published a new version(2.1.6) of this plugin for NodeBB 3.3.0


    Update acp with the new design Add chat message reactions Ability to toggle reaction support on posts/chats from the ACP Optimized loading of data, tooltips are only created if you mouseover a reaction instead of loading every single user who reacted on page load.
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    Hi NodeBB team,

    I'm learning JS by writing what seemed to me a simple plugin. Knowing nothing of this matter I'm struggling a little with this all dispached structure.

    I've succeed to make basic routes so far. I'm working now on the template of the admin page.

    I have added these

    <!-- IF emailerInstalled --> <!-- ELSE --> <!-- ENDIF emailerInstalled -->

    but doesn't seem to be recognized, always getting the false condition.

    Could someone point me the right direction?

    I wonder also if adding a "post" route is the right way to get the form back? I've seen this from imgur plugin.


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    What happens if we embed it via link-preview?

    Edit: nothing — well, that's lame.

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    Can you add a bit to the plugins documentation on the wiki to help other users figure out how to get admin routes into their plugins?