ajaxify.data.users not containing all my users

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm currently using @julian 's excellent nodebb-plugin-osm-map plugin to have a map of my forum members. In practice, it seemed that some users never appeared on this famous map. At first, I thought it was related to a geocoding problem, but after several tests it turns out that the problem comes from ajaxify.data.users which does not contain all my users (only 56 out of 150 registered).

    • Is there a particular limitation on this list? And if so, can it be set somewhere in the ACP?

    • If not, is there any other way to get the list of forum users with their info?

  • @Spin0us are you sure all members have location info entered in their profile?

  • @crazycells Not all, but several members with city information entered do not appear in the list. Also, during my tests, I tried to put the same city name between a user that was already displayed and one that was not, and the last one still does not appear.
    Also, between my dev environment and my prod environment, for the same data, I don't have the same result...

  • Thanks to @julian we finaly found the problem.
    Here is the pull request.

    In fact, this bug only occurs when an administrator update a member profile.

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