What is the dump.rdb in the nodebb root dir?

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    Well at first if you could, it would be enough to maintain a fork of the branch that interests you and use that to see it.
    Regarding the database, you could use atlas if you wish, it is also a free option. However, it will not work quite well due to the limitations of the service, although if it is for development and testing it could work (although I recommend using it locally for that purpose)

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    ./nodebb reset -p <plugin name>

    You can list active plugins with

    ./nodebb plugins

    And it does have a help screen

    ./nodebb --help
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    BTW, why do I have a browser window? Is it because Iam using Android, or I am running nodebb 1.14?

    It's because you're running 1.14 actually. The actual scripts for installable PWA only appeared in 1.15.
    However, browsers are confusing so they also offer the option to "add to home screen" any website, but instead of actually considering its manifest for how it's supposed to run and using the service worker properly it will be just an icon to open that website in the browser.

    I would've recommended checking this website to see how it's supposed to work, but it seems to be broken in 1.16.2 unfortunately (mentioned in this issue - service worker was moved to its own directory so only paths starting with /assets/src/ are in its scope.)

    EDIT: while it was mentioned in the issue #9193, it wasn't the main focus. I commented on it on #9127, solution to which actually broke the service worker

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    Indeed interesting podcast and insight into NodeBB. Great that Ghost and NodeBB can learn from each other some stuff 🙂

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    @eva2000 this exporter hits the VB databases, gets all the relevant data, then writes them all on the file system in some storage directory in a structure that this nodebb-plugin-import can understand then import to the NodeBB database. .. basically a two step import technique.