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  • What i would like to see or added is a way to add sub forums any way to have this done or is there some thing already out there to do this?

    and a application plugin for a community
    thing like when u sign up on the site they can apply using different apps and it auto pots there app to a new topic based on what game or area they apply to .

    Please and TY!

  • gh#1299 is about subcategories. I have no idea what you're on about with your 2nd point, so can't help you there.

  • so about the 2nd part there here is a link that was made for Xenforo would like some thing like this
    Advanced Application Forms 1.1.5

  • It's a very specific plugin that I can't see many using, so I'd imagine you'd have to find one of the plugin developers and see if they're available for paid work. The only other alternative is if what you are after is available in something like Wordpress, then you could use this plugin to create a new post in your forum from a Wordpress post. But that seems a little "round the houses"

  • its what every community that has ranks on there site that people want to apply to have will want. aka to be a mod or admin anything really its what every forum software always misses and never has

  • @Jeff-McKibbon seems like a lot of messing about just to appoint a mod or admin, nodebb can appoint mods by reputation if you like. If you want a form, go to jotform.com and create one, then ask them to fill it out, it's slightly more manual than auto appointing, but it still seems like overkill for what is a form.

    In fact you could probably use jotforms api to take the data submitted and create a post out of it using the method in the plugin I linked above, all that does is use Wordpress api.

  • i guess you just dont understand what im talking about maybe some one will come by and see what im talking about but thanks for your reply

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