How to sift, sort, filter users?

General Discussion
  • So I'm on the admin/manage/users page. I have about 5000 accounts that I want to overhaul. For example, I want to delete all users with no posts that registered over six months ago. I can sort by the "Joined" date, or I can sort by "Postcount". But I can't figure out how to sort by both at the same time which is what I really need to do. Am I missing something? Is there a more advanced interface somewhere?

  • After learning that writing a custom script was currently the only way to sift, sort, and filter users by more than one field; and after deciding that I am not up for that right now, I dove back in to slog through my user list for pruning. To my pleasant surprise I found that when I sorted the list by POSTCOUNT it was also sorted by JOINED, automatically! Either a NodeBB angel updated the user list sort functions or I am just seeing life from a different perspective. Yay! Pruning done in no time.

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