Getting categories by list of ids

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    It has certainly improves the first impression of categories page.

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    @pitaj That makes sense.

    Thank you, I think that answers my question.

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    @julian Yup I know. But I want to code new to understand how to do it

  • Categories on Subdomains.

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    After some playing about, i've settled on a redirect. If anyone wants to do something similar, create a new file in sites-available called subdomains, then do the usual sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/subdomains /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

    Inside the subdomains file, create a server block like thus:

    # Mixes server { listen 80; server_name; rewrite ^ $scheme://$request_uri? permanent; }

    If you want the subdomain to ignore the request parameter, then remove $request_uri? portion of the rewrite. This basically means that if someone typed it would ignore /parameter and still go to the relevant tag page without causing a 404. This may be more beneficial. So I'd recommend leaving that portion out. However this would be useful if you wanted a fast way to navigate to a user profile via something like Because you could add the request_uri after /user in the rewrite.

    Just add more server blocks as required for each rewrite. You can stack server_names so that multiple subdomains go to the same link, just add another server_name underneath the existing one.

    server_name; server_name;
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    Well, no that doesn't work either as it just shows '{category_id}' in the console with no ID #. Rather interesting.