Plans to add category description to Get Recent Topics API?

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    @baris Thank you! Now it's work ❤

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    I've borked something in the custom CSS - lists of topics, popular, recent etc. etc. are NOT using the full width available - say 75-80% of the width available is being used - I have unused space to the right size of the recent post preview. - it's lie there is a blank column.

    The primary nav menu fixed at the top is fine, this is what I am comparing it to.

    Any idea what is the controlling element here in the CSS?

    Could a conflict somewhere too but I'll look at this later... when I turn off the custom CSS to see if it reverts.

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    @phit said:

    manage categories screen hover over the categ

    Gotya, Thank you!

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    Greetings folks.

    Is there a way to create a bunch of categories using a json file?

    If so what would that look like?

    For instance, lets say i wanted to use a json file to create a category for each state in the usa or every county in a single instead of doing it manually.

    What the best way to go about that?

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    Those userrs are stored in groups with special names, here are the names assuming the category id is 1.


    You can get the user ids from these groups by.

    Groups.getMembers('cid:1:privileges:find', 0, -1, callback); This will give you all the user ids that have the find permission for category 1.

    If you want to get their basic info like username picture slug so you can show user icons you can just use Groups.getMemberUsers('cid:1:privileges:find', 0, -1, calllback);