nodebb-plugin-session-sharing not working

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  • @julian


    I had installed this plugin before and it works.

    Now I have installed it again after a few months, but somehow it no longer works. Here are my settings and my code in the application. Am I doing something wrong? This is actually how it should work.

    Or is the plugin no longer compatible with the new Nodebb version?

    NodeBB v1.17.1


    My PHP Code

    $payload = [
    	'id' => $obj->userID,
    	'username' => $obj->userName,
    	'email' => $obj->userEmail,
    	'firstName' => $obj->userFirstName,
    	'lastName' => $obj->userLastName,
    	'exp' => time() + 3600,
    $secret = '123456789';
    $token = Token::customPayload($payload, $secret);
    // set cookie
    setcookie("lol", $token, time() + 3600, "/", "", false, true);

    Does anyone have an idea or even know what I'm doing wrong?

  • No idea guys?

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    Take a look at mine plugin. Maybe this could be something for you 🙂

    GitHub - Jenkler/nodebb-widget-minecraft-stats: A widget that shows stats from Mincraft data files

    A widget that shows stats from Mincraft data files - GitHub - Jenkler/nodebb-widget-minecraft-stats: A widget that shows stats from Mincraft data files


    GitHub (

    It uses the minecraft files directly. I intend to rewrite it in the future but it will do for now. It should be compatible with all minecraft server

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    Published a new version(2.1.6) of this plugin for NodeBB 3.3.0


    Update acp with the new design Add chat message reactions Ability to toggle reaction support on posts/chats from the ACP Optimized loading of data, tooltips are only created if you mouseover a reaction instead of loading every single user who reacted on page load.
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    The official plugin is the one maintained by the NodeBB team 🙂

    Other forks might add additional functionality or fixes, but it's up to the user who forked it to make sure the changes are transmitted upstream

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    Yes, as @Schamper recommends, do not use relative paths to break out of the plugin's root directory, just use module.parent.require to require from the context of plugins.js, or require.main.require to require from the context of app.js

    To answer OP, I use npm link to link my folders together. I have one big messy NodeBB install ( 😉 ) and next to it is a plugins/ folder where all the plugins live.

    @psychobunny integrated grunt into NodeBB, so I just use grunt --verbose to develop now, instead of ./nodebb dev 😄

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    @Oroton said:

    @Codejet said:

    @Mega , have uploaded this pic, simply these are 3 dif screenshots in the one pic.

    First is initial reload pushes all adjacent horizontal categories downwards leaving gap in masonary, middle is after 2 reloads (perfect, what we want), last one is after navigating and coming back to the front page.


    I have a solution to cause a page reload whenever condition is met in

    $(document).on('ready', function() {}

    if condition matches front page url. But obviously you would not advise this

    EDIT: scratch that can't even get that to work since a root url link just doesn't exist. lol I'll keep trying

    Have you got this facebook plugin working?

    Working correctly in 0.7.0-dev. Both in the Masonry and Widgets.