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  • Hi,
    I am new to NodeBB. I want to use NodeBB for the school, every class will have its own discussion boards, the discussion board can only be accessed by the students in the class and moderated by the classroom teachers. How do I create the board dynamically and restrict access for a certain group of people? I don't need NodeBB's user management system as our application has already authenticated users, so this is assuming students and teachers are already logged in with JWT token stored in the cookie.

    Your help is appreciated!


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    @miguel-guzman I just noticed that the Fiddle you included appears to have an API key embedded - hope that's not yours - otherwise, millions of random internet users will be getting this product for free whilst you pay for it 🙂

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    @Laz there is no easy or straightforward way, no

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    Thanks looks like a possible bug...

    Can you please provide the following information to help us debug?

    Server or client operating system (if applicable) NodeBB version and hash To get the hash, run git rev-parse HEAD from the root of your NodeBB folder If applicable, theme versions npm ls nodebb-theme-persona


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    Greetings folks.

    Is there a way to create a bunch of categories using a json file?

    If so what would that look like?

    For instance, lets say i wanted to use a json file to create a category for each state in the usa or every county in a single instead of doing it manually.

    What the best way to go about that?

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    Expected Impact:

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