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    May prove illuminating? I'm not on latest nodebb but think you can restrict guests to uploading photos. I don't note any knobs for up/down voting though. Hmmm..... Maybe in more recent versions? 🤔

    Be all that as it may, have you thought this through?

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    We highly recommend you stay up to date for the latest security fixes.

    This looks more like a cacheing issue though. You can try running a rebuild and restart, that should reset the cache buster.

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    @akumbhare This can be done in latest versions.

    It's under Settings > Guest. Just tick allow guest handles. It doesn't ask for an email, just a username.

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    @Schamper hi ! Have you found where this problem come from ?

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    Hmm I don't think we expose isAdmin and isModerator globally to the templates so that you can them everywhere. Maybe we should, everything in the config object is exposed so if you open your console and type config any variable you see under that object you can use in the templates. You can also take a look at the routes by prepending api to the url like you can use stuff from there in the template as well.