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    Hey @mglace -- nice to hear you're looking to migrate!

    The best way to migrate would be to build your own exporter by forking an existing one... for example the SMF exporter... they work with the importer plugin: https://github.com/akhoury/nodebb-plugin-import

    Alternative you could use the Write API, although you'd be writing a lot of the one-time logic yourself to migrate users and posts and such, and I don't know offhand of anybody using the Write API quite like that 😄

    You're on track with the SSO OAuth plugin. DFP should work using the adsense plugin... if not, you can ping @baris for help.

    Theming NodeBB is one of our strong points, our themes are very customisable. Almost everything can be customised including templates for each page, as well as adding additional styles, etc. Check out the quickstart theme for a shell to start off with 👍

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    @baris It worked! Thank you 😄

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    Locking other categories down till you have 1 post is also doable. Check out the rewards tab in ACP. Add the user to group that has privs to post in other categories only if post count >= 1

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    @julian your explanation eases my concerns. Would be nice to see none at all but at least we know it's not critical to the operation of nodebb for production. Thank you!!

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    @Hưng-Thành-Nguyễn said:

    @peter for more details, when you restart/reload the forum in the ACP or in CLI, it will ask you to refresh the page to apply the changes such as templates... NodeBB is non-reloading template system, everything is loaded when you first load the forum. It just reload the data when you click the links or have a new data push to it then it render with preload templates.

    Thanks for the details!

    @julian said:

    @peter If you are seeing that message and you are not doing anything related to restarting or reloading, your NodeBB is crashing repeatedly and automatically bringing itself back to life.

    Run ./nodebb log and show us if there are any errors logged 🙂

    I saw it here on nodebb.org when I first signed up and was browsing around. Didn't understand it so that led me to post the topic. Noted your tip. Thanks!