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    I run a forum with a lot of high res images. This causes a couple of problems

    • loading times, this is managed by loading lower resolution images in the topic
    • storage - this has several solutions

    I would however want to solve this in a slightly different way, making the experience for the user more seamless.

    Currently when a user wants to zoom an image, he first needs to click the image, load the original, and then zoom.

    What I would want is the image to be zoomable in the topic. When a user zooms in the topic, JavaScript can identify the resolution and pixel density of the view, and reload a new higher resolution image as needed. Similar to a srcset for the browser, but dynamically force reloads.

    I currently store images for the forum with netlify large media. I need to manually run scripts to move files from upload, send them to netlify, and update post links. This could all be handled by a plugin.

    Netlify large media on its end provides transformation of your images to any resolution on the fly. This is fast and very convenient. No need to generate multiple versions of the images.

    Example (these are all the same image):

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    What would I want then?
    A plugin that uploads images to Netlify powered git LFS, and uses the transforms to load the right sized image for the view, and reloads a new version if the screen size changes, or the page is zoomed.

    For me this would be a fantastic feature, that nodeBB, as far as I know, would be the only forum software to have.

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