Issue with Composer Redactor upload image + Quill

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  • Hi,

    I am using nodebb-plugin-composer-redactor 3.4.8 on Nodebb 1.16.1.

    I just notice that the 'upload an image' function isn't working on Redactor. From the log, it shows that the image is uploaded to the server (/nodebb/public/uploads/files folder) successfully, but the editor doesn't show the image being inserted to the post at all. There's an empty <img> tag inserted to the post though.

    When I tried using different composers (Quill and NodeBB default composer), the image upload function works as it should.

    Redactor is no longer supported, but I wonder if I can have this fixed. Otherwise, what is the recommendation? Switching to Quill?

    Re: Quill
    What is the best way to modify the toolbar on Quill editor? I want to hide some icons from the toolbar and currently use CSS to hide them.

    Do I have to fork the plugin and edito /static/lib/quill-nbb.js to my liking (ie:

    var toolbarOptions = {
    container: [
    	[{ header: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, false] }], // h1..h6
    	[{ font: [] }],
    	['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'strike'], // toggled buttons
    	['link', 'blockquote', 'code-block'],
    	[{ list: 'ordered' }, { list: 'bullet' }],
    	[{ script: 'sub' }, { script: 'super' }], // superscript/subscript
    	[{ color: [] }, { background: [] }], // dropdown with defaults from theme
    	[{ align: [] }],
    handlers: {},

    Or is there a way similar to 'creating a child theme' - where I don't need to build everything from the scratch, but some add new template/css/js to extend the theme?

    Thank you!

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