Any plugin for rewards?

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    ACP -> Extend -> Widgets:

    Apply widget to "Categories" tab only, not "Global" or any of the others.

    Screenshot_2020-07-02 Extend Widgets NodeBB Admin Control Panel.png

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    Work fine to nodebb 1.11.2 😉

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    Try ./nodebb build and restarting. Also make sure a soundpack plugin is enabled in the ACP.

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    I want to use the SSO plugins for Twitter and Facebook, but I don't like it the plugins pick the real names from Facebook and Twitter for NodeBB forum. I don't want to enable username changes, but I want the users if they use SSO plugins that they can set their username, and not forced to use the real name of facebook/twitter.

    People of my forum complained, because they didn't want their full name was their username on my forum.

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    Thanks for the information ! We had a final discussion today where we conclude to start with nodebb simply because our main app is also on nodejs stack which will make future customization easier.

    Indeed, UserVoice / IdeaScale and so on are (roughly saying)basically at the end forum with some plugin for voting etc. I'm convinced that if nodeBB has that kind of features, user base will grow really fast. I already know some companies looking for that kind of program but the main problem is that pricing is always based per user which make cost horrible high if you want to open it to global world 😆

    Do you have any links/info regarding the questions and answer plugin ?