Trying to customize a theme

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  • This is what I have done so far

    cd /nodebb/node_modules
    mkdir nodebb-theme-nameoftheme
    git clone nodebb-theme-nameoftheme
    Edit package.json, plugin.json and theme.json.
    In each file replace nodebb-theme-quickstart with nodebb-theme-nameoftheme
    In theme.json change the name and description

    Activate the theme
    Rebuild and Restart

    Edit header.tpl to add some text


    Save and refresh the page. No change. I am sure I missed some steps. I am documenting how I do this so I can share with the group

  • Found my own answer.

    I had to run ./nodebb build tpl && ./nodebb dev

    Then the changes showed up

  • would you share the process steps in detail?As a novice, I don't know much about nodebb😢

  • I executed your steps and did not report any errors after restarting, but I did not find any changes. I would like to ask, if the above operation is successful, what changes should I see?🙄

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