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    reputation requirement does not work for us since restricting 1 asshole affects 1000 regular users... We use signature/about me sections very actively, so people usually fill that information right after registering...

    I think my "profile info scanner plugin" idea can solve all these issues :rofl:

    profile info scanner plugin

    Hi, Every now and then, some folks create an account for their +18 job... We are a family-friendly forum, which I believe is the same for everyone here. Of c...


    NodeBB Community (

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    @btc I plan on improving the manage/users section. Right now it shows (No email) for everyone even if they have entered an email during registration.


    So there is no way to tell which of these users left the email field empty or have a pending/expired verification email.

    Gonna try to change it so it looks like below.


    After that you should be able to manually verify them from the ACP or resend the confirmation email. Right now as you already figured out the confirmation email expires and there is no record of the email it was sent to so the resend in the ACP and manual verification doesn't work.

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    Has anyone done this type of stuff, either as a plugin or even as a stand alone app that simply hits the NodeBB data store (we use MongoDB, not Redis, so that matters if going that route)...

    We'd like a way to get detailed user stats on a per user basis. Like how often, and it what categories, an individual is posting. We want to be able to research individual user patterns over time. Of course we can just query the DB, but this is something we'd like to see regularly both in ad hoc queries and in reports. Would be awesome to not reinvent the wheel if someone else is doing this, but I suspect no one else is. But wanted to ask before we look at making something ourselves.

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    Aww I actually had a canned response for that, anyhow ye thats pretty much the only way to do it 😉

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    You need to write a server side script to go through all the users and update their urls.

    Something like the following should work.

    var db = require('./database'), user = require('./user'), async = require('async'); db.getSortedSetRange('users:joindate', 0, -1, function(err, uids) { async.eachLimit(uids, 50, updateUserImage, function(err) { console.log('done'); }); }); function updateUserImage(uid, next) { user.getUserFields(uid, ['image', 'gravatarpicture', 'uploadedpicture'], function(err, userData) { // do your update here, can check current data from userData user.setUserField(uid, 'gravatarpicture', 'some_new_url', next); }); }