Any way to add a real submit button on mobile ?

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  • I don't know for you, but on mobile, when you want to submit a new subject, you don't have a nice and friendly button at the end of the page as a lot of CMS but only a little ">" on the right top area which is really not user friendly...

    HOW to change it by a REAL button, easy to see for newbies ? (we are not all nerd lol)

    Thank you !

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    If I wanted to develop it by my own, what kind of coding knowledges should I learn? Please help.

  • Reply button at end of topic

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    @chez said in Reply button at end of topic:

    @klockprat said in Reply button at end of topic:

    <!-- IF privileges.topics:reply -->
    <div class="clearfix quick-reply kp-quickreply">
    <div class="pull-right">
    <div component="topic/reply/container" class="btn-group action-bar bottom-sheet <!-- IF !privileges.topics:reply -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !privileges.topics:reply -->">
    <a href="{config.relative_path}/compose?tid={tid}&title={title}" class="btn btn-sm btn-primary" component="topic/reply" data-ajaxify="false" role="button"><span class="visible-xs-inline visible-sm-inline visible-md-inline visible-lg-inline"> Reply</span></a>
    <!-- ENDIF privileges.topics:reply -->

    Can you direct me under which category should it be injected?

    In partials/topic/quickreply.tpl

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    i mean set a duration that make sure people can only change username once a month or balabala😋

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    this will be a good idea. anyone working on this?

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    I feel as though it should be noted, for those unfamiliar with webtorrent, it is entirely disconnected from the main bitorrent swarm as it is incompatible. It would, though, make for an internal CDN between the users/peers. The jaavscript would be a plugin on the server, but then also as javascript on the page loaded into the clients browser giving the ability to share the content on the page browser-to-browser.