[nodebb-plugin-openidconnect] Authenticate through an OpenID Connect server ! ( works with Keycloak )

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    Hello guys, after coding the whole day and discovering the world of NodeBB plugins, I'm ready to put here the first version of the plugin !

    Not much to see right now, only three parameters to set :

    • Discover Url ( often contains '.well-known' )
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret

    But it works.

    /!\ For now beware of providers giving the email in the "prefered_username" field ( like google ), because for now there is no way to modify it before the user is registered /!\

    The repository is there :

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    I setup the plugin for my OpenID Connect Provider (OP) and after a couple things, I got to take me to the OP Login Page, but after I login, it takes me back to the page without login the user or creating if it's a new user.

    Do you have any possible solution? or, could you please tell me how I can check when the login action is running?

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    We've built an OpenID Connect plugin that supports discovery, configurable email claim name, role mapping and logout URL. There is some decent configuration details on the README.


    It should work with any OpenID Connect IdP - @Alexkin-Sky-Walker feel free to open an issue if something doesn't work for you.

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