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    Thanks a lot , it worked !!

  • User registration only with SSO

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    @julian Done 👍

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    I was just going to let you take most of the credit. It's still your plugin, and you helped me make the modifications. I'm working on a new modification now, though. I'm trying to get the presentations to embed into an area of the user's profile.

    Right now, I'm testing it with the Fullname field on the profile, by entering the URL of the presentations (instead of a human name) and seeing if it parses into an embedded slide show.

    Would this be easy to accomplish? If not, are there any hints you could give me @a_5mith ?

    So far, I've edited the library.js file and replaced data.post and data.post.conent with data.fullname and data.fullname.content. I've also tried changing the hook in plugin.js from:

    { "hook": "filter:parse.post", "method": "parse", "callbacked": true } ]


    { "hook": "action:user.set", "method": "parse", "callbacked": true } ]

    I feel like I'm missing something, though. If you're up to it, I'd like to collaborate with you further.

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    Depends, if you're doing largely front-end code (like embedding an iFrame to some chat application) then a widget works best. If you want to modify the API or save things into the database, then a plugin is right for you.

    I think your best bet is to figure out what you need to do, and then find a plugin that does something similar, and modify that plugin, or take code from it (it's open source afterall ;))

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    Thanks @navid @a_5mith ... Heroku installs are finicky at best, will reply with my thoughts in PR.