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  • So, I'm well aware of the current points plugin that exists, but sad to find out that it doesn't include a points store where you can add items for people on your forum to buy with their points. After doing some research through old topics it seems forum gamification used to be a really big priority around nodeBB but that seems to have died off. 😞 Does anyone know of any points/points store systems similar to what they have currently on myBB?

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  • Spam protection plugin

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    I've had great luck with Spam Be Gone and Captcha's with keeping spammers out of my old site running on SMF. The initial problem though was weeding out all of the spammers that had signed up before I implemented it. I probably manually deleted 2000+ accounts. After that was taken care of, I never found a need to look at individual posts automatically. The ones that slipped through were flagged by users or a moderator deleted it and the associated account.

    The Spam Be Gone plugin prevented over 130,000 spammers from creating accounts in the 4+ years that I used it. It was very effective. I did try Akismet for awhile, but got sick of paying for it. I didn't notice any reduced functionality when I got rid of it.

    I would try Spam Be Gone, use Google's v3 captcha ("I'm not a robot." checkbox), and then make some of your trusted active users into moderators with the ability to delete posts/topics/accounts.

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    @pitaj But is it possible to let other users invite other users and aLSO let new users sign up without registration?

    Becaous as i see it now, ACP say, registration settings as invite only, or normal. is there any way to make it both normal + invite >?

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    The Iframely plugin takes care of 95% of cases where you want to embed something, and there's a configuration you can make that gets you the embeds, without it counting toward your limit (if you use the cloud service). For uploaded videos, I use the ns-embed one with a custom rule

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    Does any one have this plugin working on latest revision of nobebb . development seems to have stopped , i have messaged the creator with no reply ... is this not supported anymore ?

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    meta.config contains settings from NodeBB itself. Plugins retrieve their own settings via the settings module on the client side.
    pls reference: