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  • Hello! I was wondering if anyone has a working version of Steam Authentication for NodeBB 1.12.0, I'd like to make that my only form of signup since my forum is for Source games only, the current versions listed (I've tried 3 different ones on the plugins list) and none of them work.

    Thank you!

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    There are a few Steam SSO plugins, and I bet nodebb-plugin-sso-steam-v2-thetown isn't the one @julian was referring to.

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    to me as new nodebb user, I have to say that those plugins are really the deal breaker. It feels really clumsy, almost never a good description, no screenshots, and sometimes they crash your nodebb instance.

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    ACP as a plugin/module. Introduce new namespace, for example nodebb-acp-somename

    So you will have:

    For themes: nodebb-theme-somename For plugins: nodebb-plugin-somename For ACP: nodebb-acp-somename

    Encapsulate current ACP to acp-module, and see, in near future, how 3rd party ACP panel will popup (Angular based, or Material based, or something another...) 😉

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    Solved! Well, Uberspace ...

    Hope that will help other users to run NodeBB with Uberspace. The problem was the run-file I used for the daemon.

    This is my new code. ([USER]/etc/[YOUR-SERVICE]/run😞

    cd $HOME/[NODEBB-FOLDER] ./nodebb start

    In the official NodeBB documentation the preffered method to start is ./nodebb start.
    Don't follow third party tutorials in this case ... NodeBB seems unstable with other methods to start.

    I will test it further, but for now it seems to work pretty well.

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    @bentael yes, I believe that is the case.