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    I have forked theme-material and i try to figure out how I should make my chat notifications show up when there is a new message.

    The notification is not showing up if I am not on the forum, when I close the browser (send a message while it is closed from another user) and visit my forum I can not see that there is a new message, it is only visible in the dropdown menu as highlighted, but the count is not visible.


    When i am on the forum and somebody sends a message than everything works as it should, I can see the "{}"

    if i change the line to be like in the persona theme

    then it also shows up when the number of not seen messages is 0, the count is always visible

    if i replace that line with this one

    <i component="chat/icon" class="fa fa-comment-o fa-fw" data-content="0"></i>

    then the notification wont show up

    Could somebody point me out what the right way is to change this line?

    This is how I would like to see the notification when I visit my forum
    Screenshot_2019-03-11 NodeBB.png

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    I'm not sure if Material theme keeps the variables equal to the Persona theme, but you need this class on your CSS to not show up any number when your data-content is 0 or null/empty:

    .unread-count[data-content]:not([data-content=""]):not([data-content="0"]):after {
    	content: attr(data-content);

    And your line now should be:

    <i component="chat/icon" class="fa fa-comment-o fa-fw unread-count" data-content="{}"></i>
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    @jtsimoes said in Need help with chat notifications, template:

    will check the class, thank you I let you know

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    Thank you very much, it worked, I had to modify the class .unread-count:after what I already had defined and to add the .unread-count as you have suggested

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