[Urgent Help] Used shutdown -h now on my Digital ocean vps

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    in nodebb-plugin-dbsearch, query is $text - $search (not $regex).
    I understand why.

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    Hi NodeBBers!

    We are building an insiders page using nodebb at collegemarching.com and we are looking for help updating our test site(insiders.collegemarching.com) to look professional and match our brand. Someone with nodebb implementation experience would be prefered. PM if you are interested, and we can discuss full scope and price quotes.

    The CollegeMarching Team

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    Thanks dude! Very appreciate that!

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    My thoughts about thoughts @yariplus :

    Not sure what this means. Like the amount of links? or total uploaded files?

    Yes, total uploaded files in post. For example, one can attach only five images in the message.

    Oh, maybe you mean editing the post in HTML mode like some forums have, that might be neat.

    Maybe that's what I mean. For example, can lead editor xenforo -


    fyi, This information is already on the profile page of each user.
    It might be nice to have a User Statistics page with a table displaying this type of information.

    I delete it there. Quite a strange place to display ip addresses. I think that it would be wiser to display them in the admin control panel (ADMIN CONTROL PANEL - MANAGE - USERS).

    What about - 'Guests posts in topics do not appear immediately. Guests need to refresh the page. It seems to me that this is not good'?

    Guests must refresh the page topic, to see new messages.
    Those who logged - new messages appear immediately. No need to refresh the page to see the new messages in the thread.
    It would be better if guests also would not have to refresh the page.
    Check it out.

  • using forever and syntax

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    @sp4rkr4t You can use the -w or --watch option (I forget which one it is) to automatically restart when a certain file changes. Supervisor also has a watch mode.

    For NodeBB, the command is: supervisor -q --extensions 'node|js|tpl' -- app "$@"