Where should I start from to develop my own SSO?

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    Lastly, keep in mind that sso-oauth is not deprecated, and will still be maintained. It's still a reference implementation for OAuth2 providers that follow the standard loosely. Also it happens to be the only OAuth 1 reference implementation.

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    The windows docs are wrong in several places. Have you tried running ./nodebb dev?

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    @frissdiegurke is correct, we've moved the list of plugin hooks to the wiki.

    It needs a bit of standardisation, since new hook documentation was added rather haphazardly, but most (if not all) of the hooks should be there. If not, they can be added by anybody who wants to, by editing the wiki doc itself.

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    If you aren't planning on using the nodevember ticket, try and post it on their forums and see if its possible to trade away: http://nodevember.nodebb.com

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    I run NodeBB on a CentOS server, which is a Hyper-V virtual machine. And I pass requests via a IIS server with ARR. I'm sure it works fine with websocket.

    It works OK when I have few members. But, when I put it online, I get something strange: members on my site sometimes logged in as others.

    Let me describe it more clearly : my username is oott123 as you can see, but after I visit some pages, or logged in after some while, I can see someone else 's avatar displayed on the top right corner. If I post a topic , the author will be he, not me. All of my operations seems operated by others.

    My code is here: https://gist.github.com/oott123/66a507a2cadbb26415aa

    I want to get the CIVITAS-Authentication cookie which has been setted by other applications without error; then send it to my API server to get email identified by CIVITAS-Authentication; then logged the user in.

    I think the problem is caused by the code around line 86 or 143. I even thinked about it's caused by async or node.js event loop, orz.

    There's some Chinese character in the comments, but you can ignore it.

    Thanks a lot for help me , and sorry for my poor English again.


    @a_5mith So do you still remember me at Topic 2593 ? I just really love NodeBB, so I hope there's some way to help me troubleshot it . 🙂