This is the expression I'm looking for. great

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    Well at first if you could, it would be enough to maintain a fork of the branch that interests you and use that to see it.
    Regarding the database, you could use atlas if you wish, it is also a free option. However, it will not work quite well due to the limitations of the service, although if it is for development and testing it could work (although I recommend using it locally for that purpose)

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    @yeehi It looks like the global chat plugin just adds a global chat room using the existing chat UI, so there is nothing new there.

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    We highly recommend you stay up to date for the latest security fixes.

    This looks more like a cacheing issue though. You can try running a rebuild and restart, that should reset the cache buster.

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    The only current milestone on GitHub is 1.13.0, so I'd assume that it will wait for that release.

    If you need it now you can manually modify some NodeBB files:

    in src/middleware/user.js modify line 135 from user.isModeratorOfAnyCategory(req.uid, next);


    user.isAdminOrGlobalMod(req.uid, next); In src/ change line 75 from if (!results.isAdmin && !results.isGlobalMod && !results.isModerator) {


    if (!results.isAdmin && !results.isGlobalMod) { in src/controllers/accounts/helpers.js change line 144 from if (isAdmin || isSelf || ((isGlobalModerator || isModerator) && !results.isTargetAdmin)) {


    if (isAdmin || isSelf || (isGlobalModerator && !results.isTargetAdmin)) {

    That should remove all privileges from category moderators while leaving them for administrators and global moderators.

    I'm really looking forward to 1.13.0 though, as I've not only added two things that will be useful for me (not to mention useful changes by NodeBB staff and other contributors. And the refactor), but also because I use the master branch for my dev enviroment the plugin I'm currently writing uses async/await where 1.12.x doesn't support it yet, so to avoid rewriting it twice I had to use util.promisify to make current callback based functions work like async ones 😄

    EDIT: btw. It seems like 1.13.0 might be close as there are no issues left assigned to this milestone. So while I'm not NodeBB staff and can't tell you when the refactor will be finished and when they think there are enough changes for an update to 1.13 I doubt it's really far away 🙂

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    Question: Can each topic have cover image to look topic list page like image gallery?

    I'm not sure if I explained properly but I really wanna use this feature.
    I think it's possible but I'm not sure if I can do this by myself lol

    What I'm saying is that it's normally list of topic subject Text Only when you click any forum categories.
    But it will be much better if topic list showing with each topic cover image(preview image), for example, for viral photo categories.
    Just like pinterest grid layout.

    Can I know if this feature is easy to implement?
    And can anyone possibly show this feature if already using on your forum?

    skype: geekevtop

    Also looking for developers who can help me forum modifications.