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    NodeBB really lacks a plugin (or kernel features) that allows you to create a network of forums like WordPress MU (Network). For the ability to create multiple forums with a single user base and autologin. This is important not only for creating multilingual forums (where languages are not mixed up, but users can read and respond in different languages), but also to create narrow-topic forums within a single niche.

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    Run an OAuth server and edit this to your needs.

  • @Fiiily
    I think you don't quite know what WPMU is. Authorization is only a bonus. The basis is that you can create an unlimited number of websites in one click and manage them through one admin panel.
    it is very convenient when you need to split one project into parts (for various reasons, including due to different language versions).

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    This doesn't sound like anything that NodeBB ever will offer. Something like this wouldn't really be possible through making plugins, either.

  • @Fiiily
    Autommatic, Wordpress developers have done this because their main service uses the same feature. Today this feature is very popular if you are doing something more than a personal blog about cats. Nodebb has a ton of examples of how other forum services (like Reddit) were made. Maybe it will be their way too. In any case, I hope that someone will make a plugin that allows you to use one file base and easily manage many forums from one place.

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