[nodebb-plugin-openfantasy] Full-fledged RPG system for NodeBB

  • Anime Lovers

    @psychobunny said:

    🙂 this will be my weekend project for the forseeable future 😉 I'll be putting hooks all over the place in ADR and I'll come up with a couple of sample plugins for it (maybe will port a few of the popular but simpler ADR 0.x addons) so that might be a good starting point if you were interested

    Awesome! I started following the project on github yesterday. When you get a couple of smaller plugins as examples up and running I'll see if I can start working on porting other plugins over. Or just writing new ones. 🙂 Whichever I find more useful.

  • Admin

    @Oroton said:

    Are you supporting this on your openFantasy forum, I haven seen updates but I check it every other day.
    Are you only going to work on this as a plug in for node, like is it reliant or will this still be stand alone but bridged to work with Node or any other forum?

    I'm definitely retiring the PHP version (although anybody who wants to continue development can go for it :P) - and definitely I'll only be working on this for NodeBB, mainly because this forum software is my baby afterall so definitely not in my best interests to have ADR ported on to any other forum 😛

    Will work on core with you if stand alone, I don't have any chance of working with nodebb unless I get hosted..

    There are actually some free hosts out there that you can use. Koding.com comes to mind, another one that seems to be popular is OpenShift (although am waiting for a tutorial from @never hopefully :p)

    When you get a couple of smaller plugins as examples up and running I'll see if I can start working on porting other plugins over.

    Okay 🙂 I'll be working on this project during the weekends, definitely 🙂

  • @psychobunny

    Hi psychobunny,
    Thanks for the info via FB on how to set it up. I have the server running now but for some reason I can't get the plugin to work. I've installed the CASH mod as well. Strange that it won't show up on the admin menu when I activate it.


  • Admin

    Ah, did you restart NodeBB? Any plugin/theme activation requires you to restart the forum

  • @psychobunny

    Hey there, I did use the "restart" in the admin. Should I do this via the putty command line instead?

  • Admin

    Yup. The restart button in the admin requires you to have launched NodeBB via ./nodebb start

    That's useful for production mode, but otherwise I'd use ./nodebb watch if you have supervisor installed, which auto-restarts if any changes to the code is made

  • @psychobunny
    Hi again, sorry for the confusion. I have enabled the ./nodebb watch command and the same issue. The CASH MOD plugin shows up and works, just not the ADR plugin.

  • Admin

    Yeah I have no ACP settings for ADR yet (will probably do that last :p)

    Right now the data is all hardcoded, so I'll be moving that out into the database eventually. To access ADR you'll probably see a link in the forum menu that takes you to the RPG (or you can visit yourdomain.com/rpg)

  • @psychobunny
    Still no dice 😞 I must be doing something totally wrong here. Thanks for your patience with me as I learn this.

  • Admin

    Hmm.... well you managed to get the cash mod working so perhaps it's not even your fault. You don't see any warnings in the terminal do you? And if ADR was installed (and activated), it should say:

    info: [plugins] Loaded plugin: nodebb-plugin-openfantasy

    on start up

  • @psychobunny
    Ah, when I take at look at ./nodebb watch I do not see it at all ...strange

  • Admin

    Hmm.. and you've activated it in the control panel yeah? The cash mod needs to be active too. Let me install this on a fresh copy of NodeBB and see if I run into anything

  • @psychobunny
    Yeah, so I thought, "Hey, let me try to uninstall it from the plugins admin link" I tried to do that and this message showed: "You Still Have To Activate This Plugin To Use It". I'm trying to uninstall it 🙂 Could be something I have done to screw it up but I'm not sure.

  • Admin

    Hey its not you, there's something wrong on our end. Not sure if related to the latest refactor of the plugins panel, or if it's something in ADR, give me a few and I'll get back to you!

  • @psychobunny
    Thanks for your help! Sorry to bug ya on this, I'm just very excited to see this alive again 🙂

  • Admin

    Alright, we figured it out 🙂 The latest NodeBB core had an issue with plugin activation, so if you update via git pull you should be able to activate ADR : )

    For reference:

  • @psychobunny
    Seems to have worked! The RPG link is now at the top of the menu 🙂 Thanks for your help. I'll test it out and see if any others want to help over on FB. I think I should get a domain name instead of the ip though. So, I'll work on it. Thanks again! I'll report back anything I see or have questions about.

  • Admin

    np 🙂 As I said in the OP I've only spent about two weekends on this, definitely have a ways to go before we can consider it fully functional 🙂

  • @psychobunny
    I did a little test today on the battle system and noticed that the npc and my character were always missing each other. I was finally able to flee from the battle after a few failed attempts. I'll do a clean install tonight and try again.

    On another note, thanks for your hard work with this project. I know it's been a few years and I'm excited to see it back.

    One thing I wish the old system had that maybe this one can, is the ability to customize what abilities, classes, names etc in the system. So, the term "Spirit Points" I could change in the admin to "Life Points" . If that makes any sense.

  • @psychobunny excellent, it was you the author of these mod phpBB !!


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