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  • I'd like to allow for configuring notifications on category level. Is the nodebb-plugin-category-notifications the only option to achieve this?

    Installing + activation works on my otherwise flawless Nodebb 1.10.1 installation. However hitting Dashboard --> Plugins --> Category Notifications just endlessly shows a spinner. I've filed an issue at but received yet no reply.

    For clarification: Users should receive notifications whenever a new post / reply appears within a given category. Happy to see an other way achieving this.

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    Is there a plugin or native setting that would allow me to set certain topic or category to be ignored for everyone (so that not everyone has to do it for themselves but still be able to unignore if they wish)?
    I would like to let users post in certain topic / category but without triggering "unread" status (like off topic category etc.)

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    I want to add some custom fields to Category and Topic. For example: Image, Descriptions, Type.
    i found ns-custom-field plugin, add-custom-registration-field... but it's not working with 1.5.1 version. Pls help me

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    Hm. Seems better to create custom theme. Because plugin - Category Sections, alters template - public/templates/categories.tpl

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    Is it even possible to integrate a plug in that posts to a 'group'

    I'm sure FB only allows posting to fan pages and walls.

    That being said, I know you can do 'Canvas' app for NodeBB on FB, but this only integrates with FB notifiactions
    On the Browser, where as you'll find most of the time they check FB via mobile. And FB mobile is not compatible with
    Canvas or any external FB notifications.

    So you are probably going to be disappointed with it's results.

    Also, on that note. I've found it susccefull for mobile users, using a push notification app. That notifies users on events.
    And when they are notified, it refers them back to your forum. via a webui Browser in the app.
    This works great with a Responsive design or a dedicated mobile browser.

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    I have tried this plugin 1.2.0 buy it doesn't works. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe it is too old. Anyone can confirm this plugin is outdated?