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  • Made a child theme based on Persona for some edits. Instead of publishing it to npm symlinked it, theme folder being outside public_html( where nodebb install resides). How can I load a js file to use with it? If I put ./nodebb-theme-mytheme/lib/script.js" inside plugins.json doesn't work.

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    Not really, it would require essentially making a new theme to incorporate the different styles.

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    You don't need to run ./nodebb upgrade every time you make changes. You just need to run ./nodebb build. You can use the --dev flag to make it faster because you don't need minification during dev.

    You can also use grunt to dev but you'll need to disable the emoji plugin.

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    I'm a completely new developer in NodeBB and I have started developing a custom theme with Vanilla as base theme but I have two main doubts that are probably linked.

    First of all, I would like to modify the default value of "Custom Class" attribute in theme configuration related with category view.

    Admin > Manage > Category Settings:

    0_1483372017464_Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 16.40.55.png

    But I think it's not theme related but global variable related.
    Anyone can help me to find out where those values are coming from and how can I change the default behaviour?

    The second one is also related. I would like to add a new custom field in the config screen:

    0_1483372227886_Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 16.40.45.png

    Similar to the "Category Image" one, but with other name, in order to use it as category background image for instance...

    I really appreciate your help!


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    I'm fine with it being each. But that's really a separate issue. The app.load hook is not where we should be modifying templates.

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    I hope it doesn't happen every Sunday 😦 Possibly only at daylight time switches, though even twice a year is pretty bad.