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    @node-bonbon said in Set a tag to only be used by a certain group?:

    @rallydarkstrike Standard tag - Any user who has permission in acp to add tags to posts in a category, can add it. You can set a list of system tags, which only an administrator can add them For topics.

    Cheers, friend, that seems to be EXACTLY what we are looking for! 😄

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    @JKSH said in How to gray out posts that have negative reputation?:

    In, posts that have more downvotes than upvotes become grayed out so that readers will focus more on the higher-quality posts.

    In a NodeBB forum, Moderators can see deleted posts in grayed-out mode.

    Is there a way to gray out NodeBB posts that have more downvotes than upvotes?

    Check this plugin out:

    [nodebb-plugin-dwnvtr] Downvoter Plugin

    Tired of trolls who thrive on downvotes? Punish them further (and empower your users) by making their posts more and more invisible with each downvote! Requ...


    NodeBB Community (

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    @yariplus said in Normal users are able to "feature" topics.:

    You seem to have installed either featured-topics-extended or featured-threads. Neither of these is included in the default package.

    This appears to be a bug, since the option should not appear for non-moderators. However, the buttons do not actually work.

    As for broken links, I tested my plugin featured-topics-extended and all links are working. The plugin featured-threads is broken however.

    Damn I keep forgetting to turn on the "Watch topics you create" option so I keep missing replies on here. Sorry about that!

    Thank you very much for the response, I just figured that out today actually. I had both installed still so I thought that all "featured topics" plugins were broken on my forums, after I disabled the other one yours worked.

    P.S. (Not sure if it's a new feature but I didn't see it at first) But I love the featured topic cards. That's exactly what I was looking for when I first joined these support forums. Keep up the good work!

    P.S.S. If you ever need any testing grounds or anything on a large scale for your plugins, our forums got almost 13,000 registered users in under two weeks and we expect it to continue to grow.

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    @Alex Disabling markdown didn't work so I then went ahead and removed the forum part from the URL and I'm able to save.

    After making the change, I'm still unable to get the wordpress portion to work. I don't see anywhere that will allow me to make the post into a nodebb topic.

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    @julian I've got to say--the documentation for NodeBB is why I chose it over Discourse. There are still some docs lacking (and I know since the platform has not reached a full "1.0" version we should not expect full docs)...but the fact that you guys have put work into writing some documentation is great.

    Thanks so much!